5 unsuspecting virus hangouts

Cold & Flu Virus Hangout Hotspots

Fighting back when a cold catches you is the easy part. Avoiding germs all together is the real challenge. But, if you keep these virus hotspots top-of-mind, you can help ensure you always stay at the top of your game.

Virus Hotspot Infographic

24 hours

is how long viruses can survive on hard surfaces. Where has your cellphone been sitting?1

There's a 71% chance

You're picking up more than gas at the pump.2

Up to 185,000 bacteria

Per square centimeter. That means the daily not-so-special could be the germs on the menus.3

41% of atms tested

Had high levels of bacteria and contamination.4

Don't hold the elevator

We touch around 300 surfaces every 30 minutes. Another great reason for you keep taking the stairs.5

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2 https://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-buzz/gas-pump-handles-found-filthiest-surface-people-touch-210416005.html

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5 https://natureunleashed.com/what-are-your-300-surfaces/

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5 unsuspecting virus hangouts

Fighting back when a cold catches you is the easy part. Avoiding germs all together is the real challenge.

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