The cubicle quarantine

Cold & Flu Cubicle Quarantine

Equip yourself with everything you need to stay healthy and focus on working towards your next big promotion.

When you’re chained to your desk with a cough or cold, it’s important to keep your coworkers and your office space clear of your germs. Make sure you’ve got the following items close by.

  • Hand sanitizer: Keep your hands clean.
  • Disinfectant wipes: Wipe down frequently touched surfaces to keep germs from spreading.
  • Tissues: Treat yourself to a good box, and blow your nose the right way
  • Bottle of Water: Stay hydrated and flush toxins from your body. Avoid coffee, sodas or energy drinks.
  • Lemon: Add a kick of flavour and Vitamin C to hot or cold water.
  • Extra sweater: Hot or cold, having the option to layer up is a good idea
  • BENYLIN®: Keep your symptoms at bay, while you power through your day.
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The cubicle quarantine

Equip yourself with everything you need to stay healthy and prevent a cold at the office.

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