Get the tricks without the sick.

Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu This Halloween

Halloween is one of the most highly anticipated events in a kid’s year and the last thing they want is to come down with a bug on the big night. Luckily, we’ve got three handy tips to help ensure that your little heroes and all of their neighbourhood sidekicks stay healthy this Halloween.

Super glove!

Doorknobs and doorbells are high traffic touch points for excited trick-or-treaters. Make sure your kids have a pair of super gloves or bring along some magical sanitizer to use between houses.

Banish communal candy bowls.

Keep your candy in a creepy cauldron or bowl that only you have access to and hand it out upon request. Not only will a public candy bowl lead to eating too many sweets, it's also a fast way to spread germs.

There’s power in layers.

As the saying goes… Canadians have to design their Halloween costumes to fit over their snowsuits. Although we don’t experience freezing temperatures every October 31st, it’s important to remember that weather is unpredictable. Dressing your kids in layers will keep them warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Happy trick-or-treating.

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Get the tricks without the sick.

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