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Relieving Cough Symptoms: Home Remedies for Kids

No one likes to hear the sound of their little one coughing. Even mild cough in children can sound alarming. If your child’s cough is keeping them - and you - up at night, there are many options available to help them get relief.

Why Should You Try Home Remedies for Your Child’s Cough?

Coughing can be uncomfortable and can get in the way of normal fun and enjoyment in kids' lives. Often, a child with a cough will also suffer from symptoms that include a sore throat, hoarseness, or a sour taste in their mouths that can hamper their appetite. In some cases, kids will have a wet or productive cough that their bodies are using to expel mucus to fight infection. Other times, allergies, colds or other maladies will cause dry cough in children.

When kids cough, however bad they might sound, it isn’t necessarily a cause for serious concern. Coughs can have causes that range from allergies to mild colds or more serious respiratory infections. Often times, a cough can linger for several days, even after your child is feeling better. Because of this, it's often a good idea to try out ways to relieve symptoms at home.

You might consider trying Children's BENYLIN®, for kids ages 6 to 12 years. BENYLIN® comes in a variety of formulas to help relieve cough, cold and flu symptoms, whether your child is experiencing a dry cough, a chesty cough, or if your child has a cough that keeps them up at night.

Home Remedies for Children’s Cough Symptoms

Many home remedies for coughs are as close as your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Try out the methods below to see if they provide any relief.

A Spoonful of Honey

Coughing can leave your child's throat feeling sore and dry. Pasteurized honey may provide benefit in soothing your child’s cough. This is due to honey’s antioxidant properties and antimicrobial effects, which may help reduce irritation.1

Do not administer honey to children under the age of one as honey poses a risk of infant botulism, a serious form of food poisoning. In Canada, honey is the only food that has been linked to infant botulism. 2Recommended due to the risk of burns and scalds when using among children.4When possible, use distilled or purified water as it contains lower mineral content than most tap water, and is cleaner to inhale.5

Fever reducers

Some over-the-counter (OTC) medicines such as BENYLIN® Children’s Cold & Fever Nighttime Syrup contains acetaminophen, which can help reduce your child’s fever, body aches, and pain. Ensure that you are administering the correct dosage to your child, and you consult a health care provider for patients younger than 2 years of age. 6

Consider When to See a Doctor

While cough can go away on its own, there are times when a doctor's care is best. If using an over-the-counter medication like BENYLIN® to relieve your child’s symptoms, follow the labelled directions for use. Most over-the-counter medications will provide instructions as to when you should stop using the product and consult with a healthcare professional.

And, of course, it's always good to err on the side of caution. If you are ever unsure about your child's symptoms, seek a doctor's advice.

Getting Care and Advice for Your Child

Most of the natural cough remedies for children above use items already in your home. By trying out a few different strategies, you can help your child find relief.

And remember, you can always turn to as a resource for cough-related advice. We strive to provide symptom-related information and cough tips that you can turn to whenever a cough develops



BENYLIN® products are indicated for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with cough, colds and flu. To be sure any BENYLIN® product is right for your child, always read and follow the label.

IMPORTANT: Give your child ONLY ONE medicine at a time containing acetaminophen.

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Mother hugging her child
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