How To Recognize And Relieve Your Cough

Recognize and Relieve Your Cough

Finding the Right BENYLIN® Product For You

One of the most unpleasant parts of a cold or flu is the nagging cough that comes with it. However, every cough is different and you may want a different solution. With the overwhelming number of products in pharmacies, it can be difficult to find what’s right for you. You want to find the right solution based on your symptoms. Here’s a helpful guide on how to recognize and relieve your cough:

Dry Cough: This persistent cough due to minor throat irritation disrupts your day, leaving you with a dry, irritated sore throat. Usually, this type of cough will not be accompanied by congestion. Try BENYLIN® Dry Cough or BENYLIN® Tickly Throat & Cough, which has the strength to control your cough and soothe your throat.

Cough & Cold: Occasionally, cough comes with a bad cold. It can result in a cough that may be hard to control and accompanied by nasal congestion. For your toughest cough and cold symptoms, try BENYLIN® Cough & Cold.

Chest Cough: A cough with chest congestion has you coughing more vigorously to expel your congestion but leaves you with a sore, scratchy throat. If this is the type of cough that is dragging you down, relieve it with the BENYLIN® Cough & Chest Congestion family of products.

Cough with Mucus & Phlegm: Your heavy, chest cough is accompanied by mucus and phlegm. In this case, choose BENYLIN® Mucus & Phlegm. Its expectorant will work fast to loosen and thin mucus and phlegm so you can get on with your day.

Lingering Cough: This type of cough seems to hang on even after your cold has wrapped up! Typically, it will manifest itself as a dry cough. BENYLIN® Dry Cough is a good solution to help you relieve the last of your cold symptoms. Consult a doctor if symptoms last more than 5 days.

Other Tips and Prevention Techniques

There are other things you can do to help make yourself more comfortable when you suffer from a nagging cough. A humidifier is a great option to help moisturize the air you breathe and keep you hydrated. Plus, a warm bowl of soup will always feel soothing at the end of a day.

If you’ve caught a virus, make sure it ends with you. Always cover your nose and mouth with a tissue while coughing, and throw it away after each use. Also, wash your hands often, and try to keep your home and office clean. If, after taking all precautions, you find yourself sick, remember that BENYLIN® has the strength you want to relieve your worst cough symptoms.

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